Open Actuarial is a group for the promotion of open approaches to actuarial problems.

This organisation aims to:

  • Identify the main areas where open tools can benefit actuarial analyses
  • Support and publicise existing open tools that can help actuarial analysis
  • Aid in the development of new tools, especially where gaps in the available toolset exist
  • Educate the actuarial community on the availability, benefits and occasional downsides of open tools

Getting Started

Resources on how to get started with programming.

Discussion and Contributing

Areas for focus

Below are some of the areas where the actuarial community can benefit from open tools:

Core statistical tools

  • core probabilistic functions ala Actuar including blended distributions e.g. mixed exponential, mixed pareto, etc
  • curve fitting
  • dependency modelling and parameterisation
  • data manipulation and charting tools

Domain specific data dictionaries and datasets (real and dummy)

  • Standardised data dictionaries/glossaries
  • Tools for the transformation of data from formats typically used in administration systems to those suitable for analysis
  • Real datasets
  • Dummy datasets (useful where either real data is unavailable for commercial reasons and for ensuring that actuarial analyses work appropriately)

Statistical analysis

  • tools for generalised linear regression, mixed models, survival analysis, bayesian analysis, machine learning

Reporting tools

  • Web based, pdf-able reports (to improve on Excel based reporting)
  • web apps
  • Notebooks
  • Web based presentations

Development and production environments

Applying DevOps principles to Actuarial work:

  • Collaboration and Version control (Git, TFS, Mecurical, SVN)
  • Testing (unit tests, speed tests, test-driven development)
  • Continuous integration
  • Push button deployments
  • Development, Testing and Production environments (virtualisation and containers)
  • ‘Big Data’ architectures

Domain specific tools and models

  • General Insurance/Property & Casualty
  • Life Insurance
  • Investments